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September 15th, 2014 - Luke Cooper led the charge for Team Platinum over the weekend. The talented young driver won the Battle of the Pee Wee’s at Buck Creek Speedway (Chesnee, South Carolina) over a field of fifteen entries.

September 3rd, 2014 - Congratulations to Luke Cooper on winning the feature event in the Rookie Red Plate division at Moree's Paradise Raceway (Latta, South Carolina) last weekend.

August 27th, 2014 - Team Platinum Racing clients racked up wins over the weekend. At Paradise Raceway (Latta, South Carolina) Corbin Ethridge bagged wins in Junior 3 and Pro Junior 3.

At the Shrine Race at Cross Anchor Raceway (Cross Anchor, South Carolina) Luke Cooper topped the action in Pee Wee A.

Meanwhile, Tyler Diel won the Junior Unrestricted feature during the Gator Championship Race at Volusia Speedway Park (Barberville, Florida).

August 18th, 2014 - Team Platinum Racing had a strong showing during the Unilli Summer Sizzler at Whynot Motorsports Park on Saturday. Tony Gaylord was a very business man as he competed in several divisions. He finished third in Clone Lite, second in Clone Heavy, second in Pro Limited, sixth in Pro Clone, and rounded out his outing with a twenty-second to eight place charge in Clone Medium.

In Clone Super Heavy action Bubba Newsome finished second, while Tommy Tinsley crossed the finish line in second.

At the Big "3" Series event at Foothills Kartway (Easley, South Carolina) Luke Cooper continued his hot streak with a win in Pee Wee action.

Austin Barnhill raced to a second place finish at Tri County Kartway (Kenley, North Carolina) in the Jr. Unrestricted ranks.

1August 11th, 2014 - While rain was the victor across most of the nation last weekend a few Platinum Chassis customers did get to race, and they enjoyed great outings along the way.

Lee Cooper was back to his winning ways on Saturday with a victory in Clone Medium at Carolina 120 Speedway (Mooresboro, North Carolina). He also raced to a second place finish in Clone Heavy.

Luke Cooper was the big winner in Pee Wee as he notched the triumph.

At Laurens County Speedway (Dexter, Georgia) Matt Mattingly bagged the win in Clone Heavy, while Danny Meeks topped the action in Pro Stock.

Tony Gaylord battled Mother Nature throughout the Big "O" Tribute Race at Thunder Valley Speedway (Neeses, South Carolina). He finished second in Limited Heavy, recorded an eighth place finish in Pro Limited, and wrapped things up by battling rain to seventh place finish in Big "O" Open Modified competition. Both Limited classes found their events falling to rain.

1August 4th, 2014 - Team Platinum Racing Chassis would like to recognize some great performances over the weekend by some of our great clients.

Luke Cooper opened the weekend with a win in Rookie Red Plate HT3 at the Georgia Maxxis Series event at the Georgia Karting Komplex (Carnesville, Georgia). He also made a daring last lap pass on the outside to claim a fourth place finish in the Rookie Red Plate EL ranks.

Speedway Park (Fruitland, Florida) played host to the Florida Dirt Championship Series on Saturday. Tyler Diel finished fourth in Junior 3A and then finished second in Junior 3B

Tara Henderson bagged the win in Stock Medium and finished second in Pro Box Stock.

July 28th, 2014 - It was another busy and successful weekend for the Team Platinum Racing Chassis drivers.

Ben Snider led the way by making it 4-for-4 with wins at Penton Karting Komplex (Lafayette, Alabama) to complete the clean sweep.

The Mid-Atlantic North Series went into battle at Capital City Speedway (Ashland, Virginia) on Saturday. Tony Gaylord claimed two poles and then he scored the win in the Pro Animal Warm-Up class. He backed it up with a second place finish in Pro Animal and a third in Pro Animal Points.

Walt Barnes claimed the pole in Senior Stock and then raced to the win. Austuin Barnhill registered a win in Junior 3 Pro and a second in Junior Unrestricted.

Evan Dennis notched a pair of fourth place finishes in Junior 3 Pro and Junior Unrestricted.

Corbin Ethridge enjoyed a solid outing at Moree's Paradise Speedway (Latta, South Carolina), where he earned a pole and registered wins in Junior 3 and Pro Junior 3.

At Sugar Tit Kartway (Greer, South Carolina) Lee Cooper won the Clone Medium class and added a second in Clone Lite. Luke Cooper bagged the win in the Pee Week ranks.

Seth Lunsford qualified on the pole in the Clone 400 with the Rocky Top Summer Series at Ashway Speedway (Strawberry Plains, Tennessee) and then finished third.

At Gamecock Speedway (Sylvania, Georgia) Tara Henderson finished third in Clone Medium and ninth in Clone Heavy.

`July 14th, 2014- The Platinum Racing Chassis team relished a great weekend across the East and Southeast with several wins and strong performances.

Action opened at the Maxxis Mid-Atlantic Series event at Hanging Kart Raceway (Kershaw, South Carolina) on Saturday. Tony Gaylord scored the convincing win in 1st Pro Senior Champ, while finishing third in Pro Senior Champ Points and ninth in Pro Animal Points.

Wall Barnes was the victor in Senior Stock and Luke Cooper won yet another Chasen' Racen' Kids finale.

Austin Barnhill registered a third place finish in Junior Unrestricted to go with a fourth place finish in Pro Junior 3 and a fifth place finish in Junior 3. Andrew Poole finished sixth in Semi Pro 375 Points to go with a tenth in Semi Pro 375 and a ninth in Semi Pro 350 Points.

The Platinum Racing Chassis team would also like to extend our condolences to the Dove family for a loss of one of their beloved family members. We are deeply saddened to hear of their loss, and they will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Capital City Kartway (Capital City, Virginia) played host to the Virginia Dirt Karting Association on Saturday and Evan Dennis parked his entry in victory lane in the Pro Rest Jr. class before finishing second in Rest Jr.

At Crossroads Motorplex (Jasper, Florida) in the Florida Dirt Championship on Saturday Tara Henderson won the Pro Box Stock class. Tyler Diel won the Junior 3A feature and finished second in Junior 3B.

Benjie Bryan bagged a pair of second place finishes in Moree's Paradise Raceway (Latta, South Carolina) in Super Heavy and King Tire. Wesley Bryan finished fourth in Super Heavy. In his brand-new Platinum Chassis Corbin Ethridge finished second and third in the Blue Plate and Pro Blue divisions.

July 8th, 2014 - Tony Gaylord had a great outing over the holiday weekend as he scored wins in Clone Medium, Clone Heavy, and Pro Clone at Florence Kartway (Florence, South Carolina).

Meanwhile at Lake City Kartway (Lake City, South Carolina) Benjie Bryan won the feature in Clone Heavy and finished third in King Tire Heavy.

Platinum Chassis recently completed testing with our new bodies, and they are faster with more down force and more tire clearance. Visit the Chassis page to view some pictures of the new bodies.

July 2nd, 2014 - The past few weeks have been a successful time for Platinum Raicng Chassis clients. Congratulations to all of our great riders for their performances.

At the 1st Annual Shrine Race at Hanging Rock Kartway (Kershaw, South Carolina) on June 21st Tony Gaylord bagged the victory in the Clone Heavy Warm Up, while finishing third in both Pro Predator and Pro Clone.

Tara Henderson competed in Pro Box Stock at two tracks in one day. She won at Crossroads Motorplex (Jasper, Florida) before finishing second at Callahan Speedway (Callahan, Florida)

On Saturday, June 28th at the American Dream Tony Gaylord finished third at The Dream in the Pro Animal ranks. Tyler Kivett was fifth in Semi Pro 425 with Andrew Poole fifth in Semi Pro 350 and second in Semi Pro 375.

Tyler Diel had a busy outing on June 28th in a Southern Thunder Maxxis Race at Callahan Speedway (Callahan, Florida). He finished second in Jr. 3A, second in Jr. 3B and he claimed the win in Pro Jr. 3.

At Dirt Devil's Speedway (Tampa, Florida) Tara Henderson won Pro Box Stock and Box Stock Heavy on June 28th.

Bubba Newsome enjoyed a great outing on June 28th at Swainsboro Raceway (Swainsboro, Georgia), where he earned two poles in Super Heavy before winning both features.

Benjie Bryan closed out the month of June on the 29th with a trip to Lake City Speedway (Lake City, South Carolina). He won the King Tire Heavy class and claimed a pair of third place finishes in Clone Medium and Clone Heavy.

June 30th, 2014 - Landen Dutka has had a strong few weeks of JR 1 racing with his new 2014 Platinum #15 entry. Landen’s Platinum was a rocket this past weekend at Dirt Devils Speedway (Land O' Lakes, FL).
He was able to power his way up to 2nd place in a matter minutes, and was nose to bumper with the leader for the final 7 laps. Landen could not find a window to the pass the leader, but had some amazing lap times to secure a 2nd place finish. With our ongoing support with Fitzgerald Motorsports, Lewis Motors, and his new Platinum racing chassis, Landen has some incredible momentum going into the second half of the 2014 racing season.

June 16th, 2014 - Luke Cooper continued his red-hot season with a pair of wins over the past two weeks in the Peewee Advanced class in Big 3 Series competition. He won at Foothills Speedway (Dacusville, South Carolina) on June 7th before snaring a triumph at Sugar Tit Speedway (Greer, South Carolina) on June 14th.

June 7th, 2014 - Platinum Racing Chassis client, Landen Dutka, powered his #15 entry to a third place finish on Saturday at Speedway Park (Fruitland Park, Florida).

May 31st, 2014 - It was a busy, yet productive Saturday for Luke Cooper. He started his day by competing with the Tri State Series at the Georgia Karting Komplex (Carnesville, Georgia). He sat fast time before finishing second in the Beginner Red Plate division. The team then quickly packed up and drove to Sugar Tit Speedway (Greer, South Carolina), where Luke started on the tail of the field and charged through the pack to claim the win!

1May 29th, 2014 - Platinum Chassis riders enjoyed a great outing at the Paradise Raceway (Latta, South Carolina) on Saturday in the Mooree's Ultimate Winter Series event. Austin Barnhill won twice in the Junior 3 Gold and once in Junior 3 Expert. Tony Gaylord finished second in Clone Heavy Points with Blaze Burns finishing third in Pro Clone. Dange Hanniford raced to the victory in the Clone Super Heavy competition, whil Benjie Bryan rounded out competition with a third place finish in both the Super Heavy King Tires and No Pro ranks.

At the Keri Price Benefit Race at Sickle Hill Raceway (Manning, South Carolina) Benjie Bryan claimed the win in the Pro Clone class.

Callahan Raceway (Callahan, Florida) played host to the Southern Thunder Maxxis Race, and Matt Lade had a phenomenal outing with a win in Junior 3A, a second in Junior 3B, and a third in Pro Junior. He also blazed to a new track record!

Tara Henderson finished fifth in Clone Heavy and fourth in Pro Heavy at Callahan Raceway.

May 19th, 2014 - It was another busy, yet successful weekend for Team Platinum Chassis.

On Friday night at Woodleaf Kartway (Woodleaf, North Carolina) Matt Brelsford scored victories in the Super Heavy 400 and Super Heavy 425 ranks.

Providence Raceway (Henry, Virginia) played host to the Mid-Atlantic/Blue Ridge Rumble on Saturday evening. Dange Hanniford won the Semi Pro 425 Points and Semi Pro 425 Money, while Hermie Sadler was second in both competitions. Sadler also claimed the victory in the Senior Stock ranks.

Austin Wyatt had a masterful outing with wins in the Semi Pro 375 Dash for Cash and Semi Pro 375 $5,000-to-win event. He finished third in Semi Pro 350 Points, second in Semi Pro 350 Money, and eighth in Semi Pro 375 Points. He crossed the finish line 3rd in the $10,000-to-win, Pro Clone finale.

Austin Barnhill finished ninth in Junior 3 Animal Pro Gold and eighth in Junior 3 Unrestricted.

Benjie Bryan enjoyed a trio of great performances at Florence Motor Speedway (Florence, South Carolina) on Saturday with a win in Pro Clone, a second in Clone Medium, and a second in Clone Heavy.

Platinum Chassis customers please remember to have your Results included on this site, please Click Here.

May 12th, 2014 - Luke Cooper continued his winning ways by claiming the victory on Saturday night at Foothill's Speedway (Easley, South Carolina) in the Pee Wee Advanced class.

May 5th, 2014 - The Tri-State West Series at Dawgwood Speedway (Chatsworth, Georgia) found a strong team invasion by Platinum Chassis over the weekend.

Austin Barnhill raced to the win in the Gold Lite class and also claimed a second place finishin the Gold Heavy division.

Tony Gaylord was second in Stock Heavy FH. He also finished eighth in Animal Heavy with Blaze Burns in 9th. Austin Wyatt scored the victory in Clone Heavy EL and finished second in Hobby.

Blaze Burns was sixth in No Pro EL with Carter Davison finishing ninth in both Jr. 1 Green Lite and Jr. 1 Pro Green. Luke Cooper notched a second place finish in Kid Karts, while Hermie Sadler was second in Senior Stock, and Dange Hanniford finishined third in Super Heavy.

Platinum Chassis also competed in the King of the Rock Series at Hanging Rock Kartway (Kershaw, South Carolina) on Saturday. Kailey Hammond won the Predator class. Wesley Bryan had a great outing by winning Clone EL Heavy Race #1 before finishing third in Clone EL Heavy Race #2 and fourth in Clone Super Heavy.

`April 28th, 2014 - The Mid-Atlantic Maxxis Series sanctioned the MAXX Daddy Championship at Amelia Motor Raceway (Amelia, Virginia) on Saturday, April 26th, and Team Platinum Chassis had a strong showing!

Austin Wyatt won the Semi Pro 350 Points and the Semi Pro 350 Money. He duplicated his performance in the Semi Pro 375 ranks.

Hermie Sadler scored the win in Senior Stock/ Carter Davison finished sixth in Junior 1 Clone Green Points and seventh in Junior 1 Clone Green Pro points.

In the Junior 3 Animal Points Evan Dennis was fourth with Austin Barnhill finishing eight. Hermie Sadler raced to a second place finish in Semi Pro 425 Points with Dange Hanifod in third.

Austin Barnhill won the Junior Unrestricted division. Barnhill also finished sixth in Junior 3 Animal Pro with Evan Dennis finishing eighth.

Tony Gaylord rounded out the event with a third place finish in MAXX Daddy.

On Saturday at Dirt Devil's Speedway (Tampa, Florida), Tara Henderson scored the victory in the Pro Box Stock Heavy class, while Luke Cooper claimed another win with a Pee Wee triumph at Southern Pride Kartway (Blacksburg, South Carolina).

Andy Bowman has been busy at Caesar's Creek Speedway (Wilmington, Ohio) over the past two weeks. On Saturday, April 19th Andy Bowman won the Clone Medium class and finished second in Clone Heavy. Saturday, April 26th found Bowman finishing second in both Clone Medium and Cloney Heavy.

Matt Brelsford competed at Carolina 120 Speedway (Mooresboro, North Carolina) on Saturday, where he won Clone 425 and finished third in Super Heavy.

April 9th, 2014 - The Unilli Tires Southern Showdown at Whynot Motorsports Park (Meridian, Mississippi) on Saturday afternoon found Team Platinum Racing Chassis going into battle in several divisions. Blaze Burns won the Clone Medium and finished 2nd in Clone Lite. Clone Heavy competition found Tony Gaylord finishing 8th with Burns in 9th. Burns also recorded a 5th place finish in Pro Clone Heavy with Tony Gaylord in 6th.

Tony Gaylord finished 2nd in Limited Modified. Chambers McGilberry claimed a pair of third place finishes in the Pro Jr. 2 and Jr. 2 ranks. Jason Crowl finished 4th in the No Pro class.

April 7th, 2014 - Luke Cooper kept his winning streak alive over the weekend with a pair of wins. On Friday night he scored the victory in the season opening money race at Southern Pride Raceway (Blacksburg, South Carolina). Saturday night found Cooper scoring the victory in the Red Plate Chasin Racin class at Possum Kingdom in competition with the Mackey Flood Mid Atlantic Series.

March 22nd, 2014 - The past couple of weeks have found Platinum Racing Chassis clients continuing to have a strong start to the 2014 season.

At the Ultimate Winter Series event at Paradise Raceway (Latta, South Carolina) on March 15th Dange Hanniford piloted his brand-new TG2 chassis to the win in the Clone Super Heavy class with Benjie Bryan finishing 2nd in Clone Super Heavy. Tony Gaylord finished 3rd in Clone Heavy.

At Sunshine Kartway (St. Mathews, South Carolina) Johnny Wood Jr. won the Unrestricted class before finishing 2nd in Clone Lite competition.

Florence Motor Speedway (Timmonsville, South Carolina) found Michael Cooper finishing 3rd in Clone Heavy action and 5th in Pro Heavy.

Luke Cooper continued his hot streak by claiming the Big 3 Series win on Saturday at Sugar Tit Speedway in the Peewee Advanced class.

Matt Brelsford has been in action at Woodleaf Speedway (Woodleaf, North Carolina) for the past two weekends. On March 15th he swept the action by winning the Clone 400 and Clone 425 features. On March 22nd he claimed a pair of top five finishes with a 3rd place finish in Clone 400 competition and a 4th place finish in Clone 425.

March 8th, 2014 - Luke Cooper again found himself in victory lane over the weekend by scoring the Pewee (Advanced) victory at Sugar Tit Raceway (Greer, South Carolina) on Saturday afternoon in his Platinum Chassis entry.

March 3rd, 2014 - Platinum Racing Chassis clients have been able to dodge Mother Nature for the past two weeks as they entered multiple events across the southeast. More races once again result in more wins and strong performances for our great customers.

The Moree’s Ultimate Winter Series rolled into Paradise Raceway (Latta, South Carolina) on February 22nd, and Tony Gaylord led the charge with a win in Clone Heavy and a 3rd in Pro Clone Heavy. Benjie Bryan bagged the win in Animal Heavy and also finished 2nd in Clone Super Heavy. Dange Hanniford closed out the event with a convincing win in Clone Super Heavy.

On Saturday, March 1st, 2014 the Georgia Karting Komplex (Carnesville, Georgia) played host to the Mid-Atlantic Series as the tour hosted its first event of the year. Austin Wyatt topped the Semi Pro Medium Points as well the Semi Pro Medium Money. He also finished 6th in Semi Pro Heavy Points and 4th in Semi Pro Heavy Money

Seth Lunsford finished 7th in Animal Super Heavy points with Dange Hanniford in 8th. Tony Gaylord crossed the finish line 10th in the Animal Heavy Warm Up, and he finished 3rd in Senior Champ Money and Senior Champ Points. Blaze Burns registered a 7th place finish in Animal Heavy and Animal Heavy Points. Carter Davison finished 3rd in Junior 1 Points, and Dange Hanniford finished 6th in the Phat Daddy ranks.

Austin Barnhill finished 7th in both Jr. 3 Points and Jr. 3 Money, while Nolan Starnes was 9th and 3rd in the respective classes.

Blaze Burns narrowly missed the win in Pro Animal Heavy with Tony Gaylord finishing 7th.

February 23rd, 2014 - Luke Cooper continued his strong start to the 2014 season as he won the Jake Lawson Memorial at Cross Anchor Speedway (Enoree, South Carolina) in the Peewee division. Platinum Chassis customers please remember to have your Results included on this site, please Click Here.

February 19th, 2014 - The 7th Annual Icebreaker at Gulfport Motorsports Park (Gulfport, Mississippi) found Platinum Racing Chassis making a strong showing. Justin McDonald scored wins in Pro Clone and Clone Medium before racing to a pair of 2nd place finishes in Clone Lite and Clone Heavy.

Chambers McGilberry raced to the victory in his Jr. Pro Clone in his Platinum entry.

February 15th, 2014 - Tri State Pro Series at Possum Kingdom Speedway (Belton, South Carolina) on Saturday found Luke Cooper race to a 2nd place finish in the Red Heavy division.

February 12th, 2014 - The For Sale section has been updated with a brand new 2014 Platinum Edition Champ Kart and a freshened Tod Miller Clone Racing Engine.

February 8th, 2014 - Brandon Florence put Platinum Racing Chassis in victory lane once again on Saturday afternoon with a triumph in the Box Stock Heavy division at West Georgia Kart Track (Whitesburg, Georgia).

Congrats to Brandon on his great achievement, and Platinum Chassis customers please remember to have your Results included on this site, please Click Here.

January 30th, 2014 - The month of January not only marked the start to another year, but also another great start to the season for Team Platinum Racing.

Action began at the New Year's Race at Paradise Speedway (Latta, South Carolina) on January 3rd-4th. Blaze Burns opened action with wins in the No Pro and Pro Stock divisions. He also started 15th in the Pro Clone main before registering the fastest lap of the event.

Tony Gaylord entered a single division, where he finished 2nd in the Pro Stock ranks.

Wesley Bryan qualified 3rd fastest in the Pro Super Heavy class and worked his way up as high as the 2nd spot before getting hung out of the groove, which relegated him as far back as the 20th position. Despite falling to the tail of the field he rebounded to a 4th place finish in the 30 lap, caution-free event in his #119 Platinum entry. He was the only competitor turning 13.90 second laps.

Jesse Riggins was busy during the event as he claimed a 2nd in Junior 3 Heavy, a 3rd in Junior 2 Blue, and a 3rd in Junior 2 Lite.

Triple T (St. Pauls, North Carolina) played host to The Blizzard 2 event on January 18th, 2014. Justin McDonald claimed wins in Flat Head Medium, Flat Head Heavy, Clone Medium, and Limited. McDonald also finished 3rd in Animal Medium, where Austin Wyatt finished 2nd. Wyatt contributed an additional trio of 2nd place finishes in Animal Heavy, Clone Heavy, and Pro Clone.

The month drew to a close with a Moree's Ultimate Winter Series event at Paradise Speedway (Latta, South Carolina) on January 25th, 2014. Benjie Bryan scored the win in Super Heavy and finished 3rd in No Pro. Tony Gaylord rocketed to wins in Pro Clone Medium and Pro Clone Heavy. He also finished 3rd in Stock Heavy.

1January 6th, 2014 - Happy New Years to all of our great customers! Platinum Racing Chassis enjoyed a record season in 2013 with countless wins. The month of December was no exception to our dominance as the following drivers had great achievements to close out the year.

At the Langdale Fuels Southern Thunder Maxxis Race #1, which was held at Cross Roads Motorplex (Jasper, Florida) on December 11th, Mathew Lade led the way with a win in Jr. 2 Box Stock. In the Box Stock Heavy ranks Mark Fleischer finished 6th with Darren Brown in 7th. Fleischer also finished 3rd in Pro Box Stock Heavy, and Mathew Lade finished 4th in Pro Jr. 3.

Austin Wyatt turned in an impressive performance on December 20th-21st at Greensboro Coliseum (Greensboro, South Carolina) during the King of the Concrete event where he scored a win in Super Heavy and a 5th in the King of the Concrete battle.

At the Daytona World Championship (Dayton, Florida) several Team Platinum Racing Chassis went into battle in the coveted event. TJ DeCaire won the Jr. Sportsman Champ Green Plate class and finished 9th in Pro Sr. Champ.

Elijah Wood contributed a win in Jr. 2 Lite as Mathew Lade finished 4th. Carter Davison was victorious in Pro Jr. 1 with James Seeright finishing 8th.

The winning kept going in the Pro Animal division, where Justin McDonald won with Austin Wyatt in 6th and Blaze Burns in 10th.

McDonald finished 2nd in Animal Heavy with Austin Wyatt 5th and Tony Gaylord in 8th. Wyatt also finished 6th in Animal Medium competition with Justin McDonald in 9th.

Jesse Riggins finished 2nd in the Jr. 3 Lite class with Mathew Lade finishing 5th. Lade also crossed the finish line in 2nd behind race winner Pro Jr 2.

Pro Jr. 3 Box Stock action found Jesse Riggins finishing 3rd with Nolan Starnes 5th and Mathew Lade in 9th. Tony Gaylord raced to a 4th place finish in Box Stock Heavy, and Justin McDonald finished 3rd in Box Stock Medium.

Carter Davison led the way for Team Platinum in Jr. 1 Heavy as he finished 3rd with James Seeright in 4th and TJ DeCaire in 6th.

Mathew Lade finished 10th in Jr. 2 Heavy with Jesse Riggins 8th in Jr. 3 Heavy.

Austin Wyatt registered a 2nd place finish in Pro Clone with Justin McDonald finishing 3rd and Mark Fleischer in 5th.

James Seeright closed out action in Pro Jr. Clone with a 2nd place finish, and Elijah Todd scored a 3rd place finish at the checkered flag.

December 6th, 2013 - Platinum Chassis customers to have your Results included on this site, please Click Here.

1December 5th, 2013 - The month of November was an extremely busy time for Platinum Racing Chassis customers with several wins and podium finishes being accumulated at major events.

Tony Gaylord opened the month with his fourth career, World 100 triumph, which came at Cross Roads Motorplex (Jasper, Florida). In the same event Austin Wyatt finished 3rd with Mark Fleisher in 8th and Justin McDonald finishing 9th. The victory for Gaylord was worth $3,000.

Box Stock Heavy EL competition found Darren Brown finishing 2nd. Jr. 1A competition saw Carter Davison finish 2nd with Mathew Lade bagging the wins in both Jr. 2 A and Jr. 2 B in just his first weekend riding a Platinum.

Box Stock Medium was well represented by Team Platinum as Tony Gaylord finished 4th with Justin McDonald in 6th, Austin Wyatt in 7th, and Allen Loper in 9th.

The opening night of the weekend's event found the Friday night Shootout contested, and Justin McDonald raced to the win with Jessica Bohatka in 6th, and Allen Loper in 7th.

November 16th, 2013 found some of the Team Platinum riders competing at The Showdown at Southern Kartway (Loris, South Carolina). Jesse Riggins won the Pro Jr. 3 division to go along with a pair of 3rd place finishes in Regular Champ and Pro Sr. Champ.

Austin Barnhill chimed in with a win in Junior 3.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend Georgia Karting Komplex (Carnesville, Georgia) played host to the mega-event, known as Thanksgiving Thunder.

Tony Gaylord opened the big event by winning the North/South Shootout with fellow Platinum rider, Justin McDonald finishing 2nd.

TJ DeCaire represnted in the Chasen' Racen' Kids division by scoring the win.

Jr. 1 Green Heavy action was topped by Carter Davison with Austin Wyatt crossing the finish line first in Stock Heavy.

Pro Limited action found Justin McDonald again in victory lane as Tony Gaylord finished 4th. McDonald charged from the 18th starting spot to finish 3rd in Animal Heavy, while Darren Brown was 6th.

Tony Gaylord had a frustrating outing in Pro Senior Champ competition. He was passing for the 4th position on lap 2 before getting wrecked. He restarted dead last and advanced back to the 5th position. With just 3 laps to go he was passing for the 4th spot, when he was wrecked again, which relegated him to a disappointing 10th place finish.

Justin McDonald finished 3rd in Pro Animal, and Tony Gaylord was 4th with Dareen Brown 10th.

Jr. 2 Purple Big Dog action saw Avery Franklin finish 5th, while Jesse Riggins was 8th in Jr. 3 Big Dog.

The No Pro ranks saw Austin Wyatt finish 2nd with Mark Fleischer in 4th, and Jesse Riggins in 12th. Blaze Burns officially finished 13th, but it definitely didn't tell the whole story as he drove from his 17th starting spot to he 3rd spot before wheel-hopping the 2nd place car, which sent him backwards to a 13th place finish. Even though it wasn't the finish he wanted it was a great effort by Blaze.

Jesse Riggins finished 3rd in Jr. 3 Blue Lite, 7th in Jr. Unrestricted Clone, and 5th in Jr. 3 Gold Lite. Carter Davison raced to a 2nd place finish in Purple Lite, while Justin McDonald was 6th in Stock Medium with Austin Wyatt crossing the finish line in 8th.

Davison finished 6th in Green Lite with Natalie Higdon in 10th. The Pro Stock Heavy Warm Up event saw Tony Gaylord race to a 2nd place finish with Justin McDonald close behind in 3rd.

The Wayne Poole Memorial found Tony Gaylord screaming through the field from his 23rd starting spot to finish 5th.

Carter Davison was 3rd in Jr. Pro Green, while Darren Brown finished 7th and 9th respectively in the Stock Heavy EL and Animal Medium ranks. Chambers McGillberry claimed a 2nd place finish in Jr. Big Dog Green.

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