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August 9, 2016 - Brandt Winterquist took the win in the two-night, Bob Sailer Memorial Race at the Red River Valley Kart Club (West Fargo, North Dakota) that was held on August 1st and 8th. He started the feature in the second position after going 1-2-1-2 in the four heat races in the Adult Stock Animal class on his Team Chaos Platinum TG3 Kart.

1July 19, 2016 - Platinum Racing Chassis clients have been extremely busy over the past few weeks with several wins and countless strong runs.

On June 25 at Fastrax USA (Bennettsville, South Carolina) Talon Gaylord set the tone for the team by winning the Power Wheels Race! Meanwhile Tony Gaylord was 5th in Clone Heavy Warm Up, 3rd in Burris Big Bucks, and 2nd in Pro Clone.

Dylan Conover took the win in Junior 1 Green and registered a 2nd in Pro Jr. 1 Green. Benjie Bryan was 2nd in Pro Clone Super Heavy, while Alton Conover Jr. was 4th in Jr. 3 Blue and 5th in Pro Jr. 3 Blue.

Sickle Hill Kartway (Manning, South Carolina) saw Harold Ethridge take win in Senior Stock and Super Heavy on June 25. Corbin Ethridge continued Team Platinum's winning ways with triumphs in Amateur and added a 3rd in Predator Heavy.

On July 2-3 at Paradise Raceway (Latta, South Carolina) several of the team racers were in action. Austin Barnhill finished 5th in Amateur and 7th in Clone Heavy. Tony Gaylord qualified on the Pole Position in Pro Super Heavy and was awarded the win after rain washed the feature away. Just McDonald qualified 3rd in Pro Clone Medium and was awarded a 3rd with the rainout.

At Swainsboro Kart Track (Swainsboro, Georgia) on July 2 Aaron Sapp took the win in Super Heavy. Alan Loper was 3rd in Clone Heavy EL, while Jamie Gordy finished 5th in Clone Heavy EL. Lane Kinlaw was 2nd in Junior 1 Heavy and 6th in Junior 1 Lite.

Austin Barnhill won the Semi Pro Heavy Points and Semi Pro Heavy Money at Thunder Valley Kartway (Neeses, South Carolina) on Saturday, July 9. Austin Barnhill took the win in Semi Pro Heavy Points as well as Semi Pro Heavy oney. Danny Meeks captured the win in Clone Super Heavy Points. Justin McDonald finished 2nd in All Pro and 4th in Clone Heavy Points.

The NYDKS event at Caroga Creek Speedway in New York saw Nathan Schultzkie winning the Pro Medium finale.

At Oswego Kartway (Oswego, New York) Shannon Pitcher won the King of the Kartway for the second-straight year.

Blake Renowden won Junior 1 at Stateline Speedway in New York on July 16.

On July 18 Brandt Winterquist scored a 2nd-place finish at Red River Valley Kart Club (West Fargo, North Dakota) in his Team Chaos Platinum TG3 entry.

June 20, 2016 - Brandt Winterquest claimed the long awaited first feature win on asphalt at the Red River Kart Club (West Fargo, North Dakota) on Monday night in his Platinum TG3. After charging from last to 2nd in the first heat he dominated the second heat. Winterquest went on to dominate the feature event as well for the big win.

June 18, 2016 - Brandt Winterquist competed at Buffalo City Kart Club (Jamestown, North Dakota) over the weekend, where he came away with a runner-up finish in the first feature and a victory in the second feature.

At the Jr. Johnson Memorial Race at Southern Kartway (Loris, South Carolina) Benjie Bryan took wins in Super Heavy as well as the Limited Heavy B-Main. Corbin Ethridge was 2nd in Amateur, while Harold Ethridge was 3rd in Senior Stock.

At the Mississippi Dirt Series event at Sunset Karting Speedway (Collins, Mississippi) Trevor Bowen took the win in Clone 425 and was 4th in Pro Clone Super Heavy.

June 6, 2016 - Brandt Winterquist competed at Red River Kart Club (West Fargo, North Dakota) over the weekend and came away with a 2nd place finish in the Adult Stock Animal class.

At the Blueberry Blowout at South Georgia Kartway (Alma, Georgia) Justin McDonald completed in a bevy of events. He finished 3rd in Clone Heavy EL Warm Up, 6th in Clone Medium, 2nd in Pro Heavy EL, 2nd in Pro Heavy Warm Up, and 3rd in Pro Clone. Allen Loper was 6th in Clone Heavy EL Warm Up, while Nick Molin was 10th in Pro Clone.

Brad Nicosia was 2nd in Clone Medium with the Florida Vega Dirt Series at The Original Speedway Park (Fruitland Park, Florida).

At Southern Kartway (Loris, South Carolina) Austin Barnhill took wins in Animal Heavy and Pro Animal Heavy. He finished 3rd in Clone Medium and Clone Heavy. Corbin Ethridge was 2nd in the Amateur class.

May 28, 2016 - The annual Summer Shootout was held at Georgia Karting Komplex over the weekend. With most of the Karting events in the region falling victim to rain, this presented racers with a rare opportunity to get to race over the Memorial Day weekend.

Daniel Simmons lead the Team Platinum charge with a victory in Clone Medium EL, while Luke Cooper took the victory in the Red Plate ranks.

Daniel Simmons finished 2nd in Clone Heavy EL with Justin McDonald recording a 4th-place finish.

McDonald was 5th in Champ Heavy, while Austin Barnhill finished 8th in the class.

Super Heavy found Danny Meeks in 9th, and Elijah Todd finished 10th in Jr. 3 Blue Lite. Pro Super Heavy found Rusty House notching an 8th-place run with Danny Meeks coming home in 9th.

1May 19, 2016 - It's been a busy and successful past two weeks for Platinum Chassis clients.

In Big 3 Series action at Patriot Kartway (Blacksburg, South Carolina) Luke Cooper took the wins in Junior 1 and Pro Junior 1. RJ Brooks was 5th in Junior 1 and 3rd in Pro Junior 1.

Elijah Todd finished 2nd in Jr. 3 and 5th in Pro Jr. 3. Daniel Simmons finished 6th in Clone Medium, 3rd in Clone Heavy, and 10th in Pro Clone Heavy. Nolan Starnes registered a 7th in Clone Heavy EL.

The South Carolina Dirt Series held an event at Low Country Kartway (Aynor, South Carolina) on Saturday, May 7. Jesse Riggins was extremely busy as he competed in four divisions. He finished 4th in Clone Medium, 6th in Pro Clone Medium, 7th in Clone Heavy Warm Up, and 2nd in Pro Clone Heavy.

Benjie Bryan raced in three divisions and finished 2nd in Super Heavy, 3rd in Semi Pro, and 5th in Pro Clone Super Heavy.

On Saturday May 7, Kenny Drawdy won the 35 & Over division at Southern Kartway (Loris, SC), while Paul Wilsong won Clone Heavy at Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, Ohio).

On May 7 at the Gator Championship Vega Dirt Series at Volusia Speedway Park (Barberville, Florida) Brad Nicosia finished 5th in Clone Medium and 9th in Pro Clone Medium.

Saturday, May 14 the Mississippi State Dirt Dirt Series traveled to Whynot Motorsports Park (Whynot, Mississippi), where Trevor Bowen won the Super Duty Heavy, finished 4th in Super Heavy, and 5th in Pro Super Heavy.

Austin Barnhill scored wins in Clone Medium, Pro Clone Medium, and Clone Heavy Warm-Up at Fastrax (Bennettsville, South Carolina).

April 30, 2016 - Team Platinum racers racked up several wins over the weekend.

At Southern Kartway (Loris, South Carolina) Kailey Hammond claimed wins in Pro Clone and Animal Heavy, while finishing 2nd in Clone Medium.

Cassidy Causey was the winner in Super Heavy with Harold Ethridge finishing 2nd in Senior Stock and 3rd in Super Heavy.

At Fastrax (Bennettsville, South Carolina) Alton Conover Jr. took the win in Pro Junior 3 and finished 3rd in Junior 3. Jesse Riggins finished 4th in Clone Medium, 6th in Pro Clone Medium, 4th in Clone Heavy Warm-Up, and 4th in Pro Clone Heavy.

At Dirt Devil's Speedway (Tampa, Florida) Ray Monroe was the victor in Clone Super Heavy.

Paul Wyson rounded out the weekend with a Clone 370 victory at Atwater Kart Club (Atwater, California).

1April 23, 2016 - It was another great weekend with more wins for Team Platinum racers.

Dustin Chambers won the Clone Super Heavy class at Callahan Speedway (Callahan, Florida).

Johnny Wood doubled up on wins with triumphs in both Clone Lite and Clone Medium at I-20 Speedway (Batesburg, South Carolina) on Saturday.

Ray Monroe won the Clone Super Heavy class at Dirt Devil's Speedway (Tampa, Florida).

Benjie Bryan enjoyed a great outing at Paradise Speedway (Latta, South Carolina), where he won Clone Super Heavy Warm Up and finished 4th in Pro Super Heavy.

April 16, 2016 - It was quite a busy time for Team Platinum at Tri State Race #3 at Liberty Raceway Park (Staley, North Carolina) on Saturday afternoon.

Luke Cooper led the charge with a victory in Rookie Red Plate. He claimed the dominating win despite missing qualifiying due to a morning baseball game.

Johnny Wood finished 2nd in the Amateur division, while Rusty House was 4th in Super Heavy. Austin Barnhill finished 4th in Senior Champ Lite with Jesse Riggins notching a 4th in Clone Heavy EL.

Daniel Simmons was 4th in Clone Medium EL, and Austin Barnhill was 5th in Senior Champ Heavy. RJ Brooks was 5th in Junior 1 Red Heavy and 6th in Junior 1 Red Lite.

Jesse Riggins was 5th in Cloney Heavy with Daniel Simmons 10th. In Pro Stock competition Riggins finished 7th while RJ Brooks was 7th in Junior 1 Red Pro.

Semi Pro found Nolan Starnes finishing 10th with Austin Barnhill 11th.

April 9, 2016 - Team Platinum riders continued to set the tone for a successful year with several strong performances over the weekend.

At Dogwood Speedway (Chatsworth, Georgia) Jacob Davis claimed wins in Super Heavy and Pro Super Heavy, while Kris Hetzel finished 6th in Clone Medium and 7th in Clone Heavy.

Danny Meeks scored the Florida Dirt Championship Series victory in the Pro Super Heavy class at Crossroads Motorplex (Jasper, Florida) with Luke Cooper winning Junior 1 at Sugar Tit Speedway (Sugar Tit, South Carolina). Randy Monroe emerged victorious at Dirt Devil's Speedway (Tampa, Florida).

At Triple T Kartway (St. Pauls, North Carolina) Blake Tolson took the triumph in Senior Stock with Kasey Hammond finishing 4th in Pro Animal.

RJ Brooks won in Junior 1 competition at Patriot Kartway (Blacksburg, South Carolina), and Justin Coursey won the Outlaw class at Semo Raceway (Sikeston, Missouri).

Mid Atlantic action at Low Country Kartway (Anyor, South Carolina) found Jesse Riggins finishing 4th in the Dream Championship. Benjie Bryan registered a 2nd-place finish in Clone Super Heavy and a 3rd in Pro Super Heavy.

April 2, 2016 - It was a chilly, yet successful weekend for the Team Platinum racers. At the Big 3 Series event at Piedmont Kartway (Mooresboro, North Carolina) Trystan Jones subbed for the injured RJ Brooks in masterful style. The driver took wins in both Junior 1 and Pro Junior 1.

Nolan Starnes added a 3rd-place finish in Clone Medium EL and a 5th in Clone Heavy EL. Elijah Todd was 3rd in the first Junior 3 race and was 5th in the second Junior 3 event.

At Sickle Hill Kartway (Manning, South Carolina), Kasey Hammond took the checkered flag in Pro Clone Heavy and was 2nd in Clone Heavy.

Seth Lunsford bagged a 4th place finish in Clone Heavy and a 6th in Pro Clone Heavy at Dumplin Valley Raceway (Kodak, Tennessee).

At Coleridge Kartway (Ramseur, North Carolina) Dylan Conover topped Pee Wee action, while Alton Conover Jr. qualified on the pole in Junior 3 before finishing 2nd.

March 26, 2016 - Team Platinum drivers broke out the broom at I-20 Speedway (Batesburg, South Carolina) on Saturday by sweeping the action. Johnny Wood pulled the hat trick with wins in Clone Lite, Clone Medium, and Clone Heavy. Meanwhile Tommy Bagott took top honors with the Clone Super Heavy class win.

Congrats to these drivers and thanks to all of our great supporters!

March 21, 2016
- Congratulations to the following Platinum Chassis clients for their great performances over the weekend.

Josh Hodge won the Clone Super Heavy 410 class at Piedmont Kartway (Mooresboro, North Carolina), while he finished 3rd in Clone Super Heavy 425

Corbin Ethridge won the Amateur division at Southern Kartway (Loris, South Carolina). Harold Ethridge was third in Senior Stock.

Benjie Bryan bagged a win in Pro Super Heavy at Low Country Kartway (Aynor, South Carolina) and was third in the Super Heavy ranks.

March 15th, 2016 - Several of the Team Platinum riders went into battle on Saturday, March 12th at Patriot Speedway (Blacksburg, South Carolina) with the Dyno Cams Tri State Pro Series.

Jesse Riggins led the charge with a victory in Clone Heavy EL, while Daniel Simmons was 5th and Bull Smith was 8th.

In Clone Medium Daniel Simmons finished 2nd with Bull Smith in 5th. In Clone Medium Riggins finished 3rd and Austin Barnhill was 9th.

Clone Heavy competition found Daniel Simmons finishing 4th, while Rusty House was 6th in Pro Super Heavy. In Semi Pro competition Austin Barnhill notched a 3rd place finish.

RJ Brooks finished 6th in Junior 1 Red Plate Heavy. Luke Cooper finishd 5th in Junior 1 Red Plate Lite with RJ Brooks in 6th. Austin Barnhill was 5th in Senior Champ Lite. He finished 3rd in Senior Champ Heavy with Rusty House coming home in 10th.

March 7th, 2016 - It was a great outing for Team Platinum at the Big 3 Series event at Patriot Speedway (Blacksburg, South Carolina) on Saturday.

Jesse Riggins took the win in Clone Heavy EL, while finishing 4th in Clone Heavy and 5th in Pro Clone. Meanwhile Elijah Todd was victorious in Junior 3 Clone and Pro Junior 3 Clone.

Daniel Simmons finished 4th in Clone Medium.

February 27th, 2016 -  A full entourage of Team Platinum riders went into battle on Saturday at the Georgia Karting Complex (Carnesville, Georgia) to take part in the Mid-Atlantic Dirt Series event.

Tony Gaylord led the charge by taking the win in Super Heavy points. Daniel Simmons added a win in Clone Medium EL with Bull Smith in 5th.

Jesse Riggins took the top spot in Clone Heavy, while Austin Barnhill was the victory in the Senior Champ Heavy ranks.

Austin Barnhill was 2nd in Semi Pro Medium, while Bull Smith was 8th. Jesse Riggins finished a strong 3rd in the All Pro Chub Dove Memorial.

Austin Barnhill was 5th in Semi Pro Heavy with Jacob Davis finishing 6th in Phat Daddy. Rusty House finished 8th in the $500-to-win, Super Heavy class.

At Moree's Paradise Raceway (Latta, South Carolina) Benjie Bryan won the Pro Clone Super Heavy division. In Clone Super Heavy Warm-Up he finished 3rd and was 5th in Pro Clone Heavy.

February 6, 2016 - The Tri-State Series rolled into the Georgia Karting Complex (Carnesville, Georgia) on Saturday, where Luke Cooper powered his Platinum Chassis to the Red Plate victory. Tony Gaylord finished 5th in Pro Super Heavy, and Jesse Riggins was 4th in Pro Clone.

January 30, 2016
- John Brown and the DBR crew took the big wins in both the Pro Clone HT3 and Pro Clone EL divisions at Callahan Speedway (Callahan, Florida). He also claimed a bonus for winning both pro classes in his Platinum Chassis.

Benjie Bryan pulled the trifecta by snaring victories in Clone Medium, Clone Heavy and Pro Clone at Florence Speedway (Florence, South Carolina).

Justin Coursey powered his Platinum entry to the Outlaw class triumph at the Burris Indoor Race (Russellville, Kentucky). He also socred the victory in the Open division.

February 16, 2015 - As we enter into the 2016 racing season, let’s take a quick look back at the 2015 race season! Platinum’s owner Tony Gaylord took a backseat to his driving this year and decided to bring in a house driver for the #119 TG3 machine. This decision was a hard decision to make, there are tons of talented drivers out there. Tony chose to give Nick Scott a shot at it. Nick and Tony had a great season, worked great together and put up some wins in the highly anticipated NKL series, Mid-Atlantic, Tri-State and MAXX Daddy races. Jesse Riggins will take the wheel of the 2016 TG3 and we are excited to have Jesse and look forward to winning more races in 2016.

Here is a quick look back at our 2015 season:

Nick Scott riding the #119 Platinum TG3 & TG3 Champ House Karts

2015 NKL Pro Clone Points Champion
2015 MAXX Daddy Champ
2015 Dream Champ Kart Champion
2015 Chub Dove Champion
2015 New Years in Paradise $10,000 Winner

I unfortunately didn’t keep up with how many top 5’s we had this past year and that has been extremely had to go back and find out, but I can say that the worse finish we had in Pro Clone on the NKL Series was 3rd. Nick did a great job for us in 2015 and we are looking forward to Jesse Riggins taking over the wheel of the #119 Platinum House Kart in 2016.

Tony Gaylord makes a debut for certain races in 2015, he didn’t race much, but he did what he needed to do.

2015 MAXXIS National Champion
2015 World 100 Champion (5 Times, he now holds the record for the most wins) And 3 of the 5 have been won on a Platinum, 2011 on a TG1, 2013 on a TG2 and 2015 on a TG3.

Bubba Newsome is the 2015 Tri-State South Clone Super Heavy Points Champion.

Seth Lunsford out of Tennessee has won on 3 different tires in 2015, Burris, Maxxis and Hoosier. Rocky Top Summer Shout Pro Clone Champion, Inaugural Iron Man 200 Lap Winner and Monster Madness winner in Pro Hoosier, Pro Clone and Pro Open. Multiple top 5’s over the 2015 season.

Ethan Braaksma out of Newton, Iowa owns a TG1, TG2 and a TG3. Ethan is your 2015 Mid-West Jr. 3 MAXX Daddy Champion. Ethan produced 13 wins, 15 top 5’s and 8 top 10’s in the 2015 season.

Andrew Poole out of South Carolina took his TG1 to Neeses for the MAXXIS Nationals and took home the win in Pro Animal and backed that win up with a win in Pro Animal at Thanksgiving Thunder!

Austin Barnhill out of Wilmington, North Carolina is the 2015 MAXXIS National Champion in Jr. Champ and the 2015 Champion in the Mid-Atlantic Series in Jr. Champ. Austin also had over 50 top 5 finishes in 2015.

Luke Cooper out of Woodruff, South Carolina wins the Pee Wee Championship in back to back years! We are so proud of Luke. He is the Red Plate Points Champion in the NKL Series with 17 wins including Tri-State, NKL and Big 3 Series.

Shannon Pitcher out of New York had 8 starts, 5 wins, Oswego Summer Series Champ, King of the Kartway and Battle of the Bullring.

Paul Wysong out of Ohio had 13 feature wins in 3 months and is the Cridersville Speedway Track Champion and Race of Champions Champion.

Wesley Bryan is the Flat Head Heavy Track Champion at Sickle Hill Kartway.

Benjie Bryan is the Clone Super Heavy Track Champion from Paradise Kartway.

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